Case Study: Columbus State University

The Brief

In 2015, Columbus State University contracted with RPI to redesign its alumni magazine, a project that exceeded its own limited resources. RPI led a daylong workshop at CSU to discuss the magazine’s redesign, and from there, the work went so smoothly that CSU has embarked on a continuing relationship with RPI. By assuming duties associated with the magazine, RPI made a welcome contribution toward lightening CSU’s workload.

Our Services

  • Editorial Services
  • Distribution Coordination
  • Print Vendor Management
  • Project Management
  • Publication Design

The Result

  • A one-time project has turned into a five-year partnership.
  • RPI established new editorial departments and features; redesigned the magazine; created a design board with a new color palette, fonts, page templates and client branding elements); and aligned sections within the magazine to make it flow well.
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