Case Study: The Clubs by JOE

The Brief

Prior to working with RPI, the Clubs by JOE produced an in-house magazine, but increasingly realized that it required a custom publisher. Since 2017, RPI has saved the Clubs time and effort by supplying them with needed expertise, producing the publication and ensuring that it is well supported with advertising dollars.

Custom Publishing Client

Our Services

  • Advertising Sales
  • Consulting
  • Editing & Writing
  • Photography Coordination & Art Direction
  • Print Vendor Management
  • Project Management
  • Publication Design & Redesign

The Result

  • This magazine has grown from 52 pages to 84 pages due to a steady influx of advertisers who have responded to RPI’s sales efforts.
  • RPI streamlined the publication production process.
  • The editorial, advertising and design teams at RPI combined to bring about a magazine that is well organized, attractive and delivers localized content of interest to club members.
  • RPI saw to it that the magazine contained more photography showcasing the Emerald Coast’s natural beauty.
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